Konstantino GREEK TEMPLE Sterling Silver Mens Ring

Monumental Worship

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If you could travel back to 450 BC Athens, you'd marvel at the mighty temples being constructed to honor the Greek gods. This Konstantino sterling silver men's ring with connected Greek columns pays tribute to the 2500-year old monuments of worship that today's visitors can only see as crumbling ruins.

Eleven majestic Doric columns, with spaces between each column, form the ring's open-air band. The visual resemblance to an ancient circular temple is unmistakable. Imagine yourself staring through the columns at a colossal marble statue of Apollo or Zeus.

Each column is textured with ancient warrior scrollwork and a stylized version of the Greek letter "chi," which is written as an X. This "X" has been used since the sixteenth century as a Christogram, a religious abbreviation for Jesus. It's also the first letter of a Greek word which translates to "Christ."

"Xmas," our modern day abbreviation of Christmas, is literally derived from the medieval church phrase "Christ-Mass."

Display your devotion to eternal faith with this Konstantino handcrafted Greek temple column ring.

Size: Band is 3/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

Konstantino Mens Jewelry is Hand Designed in Greece.

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