Konstantino LION HEAD CHRIST CONQUERS Silver Onyx Necklace Pendant

Jesus Christ Conquers

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The King of Beasts protects the inscribed name of the King of Kings on this reverent sterling silver men's necklace pendant from Greek designer Konstantino.

A snarling sterling silver lion head lords over a black onyx tablet, which is surrounded by an engraved sterling silver frame. The expert craftsmen from Konstantino forged the lion's flowing mane and bared teeth with precise handcrafted detail. The black-as-night onyx is polished to a mirror finish, because your devout faith in the Lord is a reflection upon yourself.

The tablet features "ICXC NIKA" carved, ancient-Greek style, into the black onyx stone. This is the traditional abbreviation, or Christogram, for "Jesus Christ Conquers," referencing His triumph over sin, death and the devil. A series of hand-imprinted dots form a cross that divides the letters into four sections. You'd believe an Athenian artisan chiseled these markings 2000 years ago.

Ancient Greeks considered lions to be a symbol of wealth and protection. Let the lion on this inspirational Konstantino men's necklace pendant protect the priceless wealth of your devotion to a higher power.

Size: 1 7/8 inches long and 7/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Black Onyx Stone.

Konstantino Mens Jewelry is Hand Designed in Greece.

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