Konstantino CONSTANTINE WARRIOR Bronze and Silver Mens Dog Tag

Christian Soldier

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One man is responsible for converting the Roman Empire to Christianity and ending Christian persecution in A.D. 313. He was the aptly named Constantine the Great. Almost 2000 years later, the noble Roman Emperor is portrayed as the fierce warrior he was on this dog tag men's necklace pendant from famed Greek designer Konstantino.

The large dog tag features a finely detailed bronze carving of Constantine wearing warrior armor while holding a fearsome shield and deadly spear. You can even see the folds in his cape and pleats in his metal garb. A halo surrounds his head like a sacred bronze sun, symbolizing his devotion to Christ.

The Emperor is depicted standing beneath Rome's triumphal Arch of Constantine, an architectural marvel constructed in A.D. 312 to celebrate his military victories. Constantine actually marched into Rome through this arch, which still stands today next to the legendary Roman Coliseum.

The bronze relief sits in a frame of riveted sterling silver. Now take a look at the flat sterling silver reverse side. It's completely covered in spiral Greek warrior engraving, like those found on ancient armor. The smooth silver will rest smoothly against your skin with a satisfying heft.

Pay tribute to the historical savior of the world's largest religion with this Constantine bronze and silver dog tag men's necklace pendant from Konstantino.

Size: 2 1/16 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Bronze.

Konstantino Mens Jewelry is Hand Designed in Greece.

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