Konstantino GREEK 3D INSCRIBED CROSS Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet - Pre-Owned

To Dare In Life

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This bracelet was pre-owned and may have slight imperfections. Tribal Hollywood has thoroughly checked for quality and has refurbished it as necessary.

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This sterling silver 3D cut out men's cross bracelet, handcrafted in Greece by Konstantino, features ancient Greek letters that spell out a bold message of bravery and inspiration.

The letters running down the vertical arm of the cross form the phrase "you have to dare in life." The letters have an ancient hand-inscribed look, as if an Athenian craftsman chiseled them into the silver 2000 years ago.

The entire surface of this inspirational bracelet's thick sterling silver rectangular links is covered with an intricate matrix of diamonds, circles and spirals. The designs are reminiscent of ornately tiled walls found in ancient Macedonian temples. The hefty links have been expertly constructed with a natural arc, assuring a cool and comfortable fit on your wrist.

Every great political, religious and cultural leader throughout history has dared during their lives to change the world. Now it's your turn to be daring, to be different, to be heard, with this Konstantino men's cross bracelet with inscribed Greek letters.

Size: 8 inches long and 3/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

Konstantino Mens Jewelry is Hand Designed in Greece.

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