Hollis Bahringer KINGDOM Dragon Cufflinks in Black IP Steel

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Winged 3D dragons rise from the Hollis Bahringer Kingdom medieval shield cufflinks, forged from strong and solid 316L stainless steel. The dragons have such realistic details that you might think they'll singe your shirtsleeves. Don't worry. They're way too cool for that.

Each imposing brass dragon is depicted with bat-like wings and a long coiled tail. These fire-breathing fellows look like they're about to fly off the cufflinks and blast you with their blazing symbolic strength and power. Hollis Bahringer oxidizes the brass dragons in a controlled acid bath, which gives them the appearance of age-old, weathered medieval sculptures. This adds King Arthur-era realism to the cufflinks, conjuring up images of knights battling flying fire-breathing creatures in order to save their medieval kingdoms.

Check out the amazing details on these red-hot reptiles. You can see and feel every horn, wing, rib, and scale on their muscular bodies. This painstaking texturing is what sets a high-end designer like Hollis Bahringer apart from other men's jewelry companies.

The cufflinks are shaped like a medieval knight's battle shield. The dragons rest on each shield's black titanium ion-plated steel background, which is textured to resemble the diamond-shaped scales of the dragon's tough hide. The black titanium provides long lasting protection to the steel and dramatic color contrast to the face of the cufflinks. The bases, posts and studs of the sturdy cufflinks are constructed of thick natural 316L steel.

Pair up your Hollis Bahringer Kingdom Dragon cufflinks with their matching men's ring, dog tag and bracelet to breathe fire into your style. Tribal Hollywood is honored to be the world's exclusive online retailer for Hollis Bahringer.

Size: The face of each cuff measures 5/8 inch by 3/4 inch.

Material: 316L High Grade Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black Titanium PVD Stainless Steel. Oxidized Brass.

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