Hollis Bahringer Mens BLACK ARMOR RING in Black Stainless Steel

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The Black Armor men's ring from high-end American designer Hollis Bahringer boasts Latin crosses cut into riveted plates of strong black 316L stainless steel. The ring's industrial design remind us of hand-forged medieval armor used by warrior knights as they battled to spread the word of God during the Crusades.

Wear the Black Armor men's ring to bring the spiritual bravery and devotion of those Christian warriors of yore into your modern life.

The clean and crisp Latin crosses are cut deeply into the black surgical grade steel. A long groove is engraved into the ring, creating one continuous line that serves as the vertical arm of the crosses. Shorter grooves form the horizontal arms of the crosses, which follow the curve the ring.

Raised rivets give the Black Armor men's ring a hand-forged by a village blacksmith look. A tough coating of black titanium adds durability and long lasting protection to the stainless steel.

Hollis Bahringer sets a blazing natural black diamond in the center of each cross, adding a touch of royal sophistication to the cool steel.

Pair up your Black Armor men's ring with the Hollis Bahringer Black Armor collection men's cross necklace, shield necklace and bracelet to infuse the symbolic strength and unyielding devotion of Crusading knights into your spirit. Plus, you'll look like a total medieval badass.

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Size: 3/8 inch wide.

Material: Black Titanium PVD Stainless Steel. Genuine Black Diamonds.

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