Hollis Bahringer AUREM CUFFLINKS in Gold IP Stainless Steel

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Although there is no proof that King Tut wore cufflinks, he would have rocked these luxurious Aurem cufflinks from high-end American designer Hollis Bahringer. Why? Because each link boasts a shield-shaped panel of gold ion-plated steel textured with ancient Egyptian hieroglyph-inspired patterns. Bill, Tribal Hollywood's ancient language translator, believes they spell "Cool cufflinks, dude!"

Check out how the swirling ancient-style design is deeply imbedded into the gold steel. Hollis Bahringer uses a high-pressure coin stamp process to create this clean and precise look.

Thick natural 316L steel frames the gold shields, adding a modern metallic vibe to the links. The posts and studs are also forged from sturdy stainless, which gives the cufflinks strength and heft.

Infuse your spirit with the symbolic strength of an all-powerful ancient king by fastening your shirtsleeves with the Aurem cufflinks from Hollis Bahringer. Seriously, these babies look like they could've been found in Tut's jewelry drawer. So match 'em up with Hollis Bahringer's Aurem men's ring, bracelet, cross necklace and shield necklace and you'll create a look that's fit for a Pharaoh.

Tribal Hollywood is honored to be the world's exclusive online retailer for Hollis Bahringer.

Size: 13/16 inch long and 5/8 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel. Gold PVD Steel.

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