Hollis Bahringer AUREM BRACELET for Men in Gold IP 316L Steel

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The luxurious, bright gold IP 316L steel on the Hollis Bahringer Aurem men's bracelet is textured with hieroglyphics-inspired patterns. They give this high-end men's bracelet the look of ancient Egyptian treasure. We can imagine the Pharaoh Khufu rocking this bad boy as he walked like an Egyptian down the red carpet at the grand opening of his own pyramid.

The shield-shaped gold steel panels are inlaid onto thick rectangular links of natural 316L steel. The hieroglyphic matrix of swirls and dots on the gold shield panels are coin-stamped under high pressure, creating a deep, crisp imprint. Four smaller alternating natural steel links feature a smooth, grooved strip of gold steel, each boasting a blazing genuine diamond. The diamonds add a regal touch of ruling class elegance.

All of the interlocking steel links are hinged for maximum comfort and forged with a subtle arc to follow the natural curve of your wrist. The steel will feel cool and satisfyingly hefty on your skin.

Pair up your Hollis Bahringer Aurem men's bracelet with its matching men's cufflinks, cross necklace, shield bracelet and ring to bring the spiritual power and prosperity of an ancient king to your modern life.

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Size: 9 1/4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel. Gold PVD Steel. Genuine Diamonds.

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