FLAT ONYX BEADS with Textured Silver Beads Mens Bracelet by King Baby

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This King Baby beaded men's bracelet will definitely reward your senses of sight and touch. Black onyx, a quartz-based stone used in jewelry since the good old days of Ancient Egypt, is cut "Rondelle" style into flat oval discs that feel smooth and cool on your wrist. Hey, those Pharaohs sure knew how to look good when ordering thousands of workers to build pyramids.

The dark onyx is interspaced between five shimmering sterling silver beads that brighten the bracelet, each featuring King Baby's distinctive stingray texturing. The hundreds of tiny pearl-like pebbles replicate a close-up view of a stingray's tough, resistant skin, adding a pleasing roughness to your own.

Oh, we forgot a third sense that's heightened by this wearable Circle of Class...taste. As in only men with excellent taste will wear it. We're pretty sure you're one of them, or else you wouldn't be shopping at Tribal Hollywood, right? Black onyx beads with stingray textured sterling silver beads...a look as unique as you are.

A part of the King Baby The Birth of Americana Collection.

Size: 8 3/4 inches long. Beads are 1/4 inch thick. One Size Only.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver treated for extra protection. Genuine Black Onyx Beads.