Ettika Man BLACK EYES TWIN SKULLS Brass Mens Onyx Bead Bracelet

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Experts say twins share a powerful protective spiritual bond between them, always looking out for one another. The craggy and weathered twin black-eyed brass skulls on this bohemian Ettika Man men's bead bracelet must share the same bond, because they look like they've made it through Hell and back by protecting each other. Now their protective spiritual energy will be transferred to you when you wear them on your wrist.

Check out the unique, hand-sculpted look of these bony bros. Their dented heads, hollow eye sockets and worn teeth have a rough-hewn appearance. And they've been oxidized in an acid bath to give them an aged, darkened surface. Their elongated craniums really stand out among surrounding round black beads of cratered black lava rock and smooth, matte-finish black onyx. Shiny and narrow black discs separate the onxy beads. A hidden elastic nylon cord provides a stretchable, flexible fit.

Size: 8 1/2 inches long and 3/8 inch wide.

Skull Size: 7/16 inch long and 5/8 inch wide.

Material: Oxidized Brass. Genuine Black Onyx. Black Lava Rock. Elastic Nylon Cord.

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