Ettika Man THREE SILVER CROSSES Mens Black Deerskin Leather Bracelet

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Three multilayered silver crosses bring solid faith and devotional strength to the Ettika Man Three Silver Crosses black deerskin men's leather bracelet from California lifestyle designer Ettika. This dramatic men's bracelet perfectly combines natural and metallic elements. The silver crosses are oxidized to give them the antique appearance of religious relics.

The three ornately textured silver crosses are constructed with three distinct cross layers, creating 3D depth. The bottom first layer is a Maltese cross, identified by its flared arms. This heraldic cross has been awarded for military and charitable valor for hundreds of years.

A second layer, featuring a smaller fleur de lis cross, rests on the Maltese cross. The arms of this French medieval-era cross ends in three curled points. The points can represent everything from the Holy Trinity to Christian values like faith, hope and charity. This cross is still used as an emblem of strength and unity by military units and sports teams like the New Orleans Saints.

A Latin cross resting on top of the fleur de lis cross creates the third layer. This plain cross is a simple declaration of your devotion to God.

The triple-layered cross pendants are connected to the bracelet's thick black deerskin by sturdy silver rings that run right through the leather's wide braids. The tough and rugged deerskin will feel solid and smooth against your skin.

The bracelet closes with a toggle clasp. One Size Only.

Size: 8 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

Material: Oxidized Silver. Black Deerskin Leather.

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