Ettika Man BRASS SKULL TRIO Black Agate Mens Bead Bracelet

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The three brass skulls on Ettika's Brass Skull Trio men's bead bracelet have a rough beat up look. Their eye sockets and gritted teeth look like they're caked with dirt, as if these three skinless stooges just clawed their way out of the earth.

The gothic ghouls share a strong elastic nylon cord with round, matte finish jet-black agate stone beads. Crystal experts say agate stone is loaded with protective energy. The agate stones and the skulls should help to ward off just about anything negative that comes your way.

The black agate stones alternate with donut-shaped brass beads that have deeply carved slanted grooves. Those grooves give the brass a mechanical gear appearance, adding an industrial vibe.

Ettika for Men's bohemian style Brass Skull Trio men's bead bracelet is unconventional and extremely badass. You know, just like you.

Size: 8 1/2 inches long. Beads are 3/8 inch thick or 10mm. One Size Only.

Material: Antique Brass. Black Agate Stone.

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