Ecks 2-in-1 INFINITY SYMBOL MODERN CROSS Sterling Silver Mens Necklace

Infinite Faith

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The front and back of this inspirational 2-in-1 men's necklace is a smooth, bright modern cross of solid sterling silver. The silver is so perfectly polished that you can view your pious reflection in its bright metallic surface. The cross represents a simple and contemporary devotion to faith.

Now here's where things get really cool.

Slowly rotate the cross to the side. Revolutionary designer Ecks created the cross' rounded vertical arms to magically morph into the mathematical symbol for infinity! This figure eight-shaped symbol was created in the 1600's to represent a mythical number so large that it can never be exceeded. Why? Because, infinity is a sum that goes on forever.

Four hundred years later, we wear infinity symbol jewelry to show our absolute power over the boundaries of time. This Infinity symbol modern cross from Ecks proves that our devotion to our loved ones and the Lord will also go on forever.

Ecks has created a series of infinity symbol cross men's necklaces, each one with unique features. This is a smooth, modern version that you can keep around your neck for infinity and beyond.

Includes a 24-inch Italian sterling silver Rolo neck chain.

Cross Size: 1 5/16 inches long and 3/4 inch wide.

Chain Size: 24 inches long and 1/8 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

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