Ecks HAND-HELD SWINGING KETTLEBELL Sterling Silver Mens Necklace

Pumped Up

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Textured veins and tendons pop on the muscular man-hand gripping a sterling silver kettlebell on this pumped up men's necklace from Ecks.

Kettlebell training involves intense swinging exercises, so Ecks cleverly designed the weight to move freely in the hand's curved fingers. Go ahead and swing it back and forth. Now do it 25 times, rest, and repeat. Be sure to stay hydrated.

And since the kettlebell has some serious bulk, you might just build up your upper trapezius muscles wearing it around your neck.

This Ecks hand-held kettlebell men's necklace will look great on anyone searching for CrossFit, weight lifting and body building jewelry. Your style is about to get an intense workout.

Includes a 22-inch Italian sterling silver Rolo neck chain.

Pendant Size: 1 1/4 inches long and 5/8 inch wide.

Chain Size: 22 inches long and 3/16 inch thick.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

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