EAGLE FREEDOM FIGHTER Dagger and Eagle Medallion Silver Chain Set

Taking A Stand

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Wear Your Attitude.

The long silver chain is today's emerging style. Multiple symbols, icons, and materials combine in a single design to form your unique expression.

Long 30 inch silver chain necklace with silver dagger and eagle with guns medallion meaning Taking A Stand. Sold as a complete set of pendants and chain together.

This set is made of silver, pewter, and brass. The pendants and chain have an invisible coating to protect the finish. This item is only available as a complete set and comes in one length. Price includes both the pendants and the silver chain.

Size: Eagle medallion is approximately 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 inches. Necklace is 30 inches long. This product is meant to be worn long as illustrated in the photo.