BLACK LEATHER NECKLACE with Gunmetal Warrior Metalwork

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BLACK LEATHER NECKLACE with Gunmetal Warrior Metalwork. This high quality genuine black leather necklace has unique decorative Warrior design gunmetal metalwork on the ends next to where the pendant attaches and near the lobster clasp. The necklace width is just over 1/8 inch thick or 4 mm.

Comes in lengths of 16, 18, 20, 22, or 25 inches long. The longer lengths provide the look of a leather necklace while the shorter lengths wear as a leather choker. Note that your pendant hangs from the connecting loop and will therefore hang below the arch of the necklace. Made of genuine leather. Warrior metalwork is available in silver or gunmetal.

ABOUT ATTACHING YOUR PENDANT: The metal loop at the bottom of the leather necklace opens and closes to attach your pendant. To open the loop, gently twist the two ends of the loop. Only use a twisting motion; never pull the loop ends apart. To close, gently twist the ends back together.

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