HEXAGON Sterling Silver Mens Ring with Black Jet Stone by King Baby

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Modern hardware meets pre-history meets style on an eye-catching sterling silver men's ring from the genius designers from King Baby. They took a thick hunk of sterling silver and expertly molded it into a hexagonal nut, (you know, the kind that is sliding around on the bottom of your tool box). A square of million year old black jet stone, a type of fossilized compressed wood, is inlayed into each of the six flat sides. The result is a men's ring that looks simultaneously sharp and circular, with clean geometric lines and contrasting lights and darks. Stunning.

FYI, jet stone has mystical properties you should know about, which is why various cultures have used it in jewelry since Stonehenge was still on the drawing board. Crystal experts say it purifies negative energy, protects against illness, and can bring financial success. That last one is important to achieve, so you can buy TEN King Baby hexagonal black jet stone rings...one for each finger. Hey, a guy can't have too much negative energy purified, right?

Size: Band is 1/2 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Black Jet Stone.