Hei Matau FISHHOOK BONE Rope Necklace - Smooth Short Hook


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The Maori tribal fishhook, or "hei matau," has been a treasured symbol of strength and good fortune since the first Polynesian voyagers settled in New Zealand 1000 years ago. Today, our contemporary men's Hei Matau bone fishhook rope necklace pays tribute to those courageous adventurers.

This smooth short single barb fishhook is handcrafted from pure white bone and polished to a glossy finish. It will rest smoothly and solidly against your skin. The bone will absorb your body's heat until the pendant feels comforting and warm. Maori tradition holds that bone also absorbs the spirit of the man who wears it, meaning that you and your protective matau will form a spiritual connection that can never be broken.

A strong black Polynesian knotted cord will make sure your Hei Matau white bone fishhook rope necklace will remain securely around your neck, providing you with strength, good fortune, and prosperity for as long as you wear it.

Size: The pendant measures 1 1/2 inches tall and 1 9/16 inches wide. The rope cord is 26 inches long and 3/32 inch thick.

Material: Genuine Buffalo Bone. Black Braided Rope.

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