Hei Matau FISHHOOK BONE Rope Necklace - Large

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The fishhook, or "matau" in Maori tribal language, was more than just an essential tool for New Zealand's ancient settlers. Many generations later, it's still a powerful cultural treasure symbolizing good fortune, prosperity and survival.

Our supersized single barbed men's Hei Matau bone fishhook rope necklace is handcrafted from smooth white bone. The bone's glassy surface will absorb warmth from your body, making the fishhook pendant feel as if it's an extension of your physical being. Maoris believe that bone jewelry takes on the "mana," or essence of the man who wears it, creating a spiritual bond between you and the protective Matau that will never be broken.

We hope our Hei Matau bone fishhook rope necklace brings you all the positive and powerful energy this legendary symbol possesses. Pass it down from your generation to the next just like the noble Maori have done for thousands of years.

Size: The pendant measures 2 1/8 inches tall and 1 11/16 inches wide. The rope cord is 25 inches long and 3/32 inch thick.

Material: Genuine Buffalo Bone. Brown Braided Rope.

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