HAMMERED STEEL Black Carbon Fiber Stainless Steel Mens Ring

Forged with Style

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This dramatic, black and silver-colored men's ring boasts a 360-degree stripe of surgical grade 316L stainless steel with unique, hand-hammered impressions. It looks like this ring was freshly forged in a master blacksmith's studio. You can see and feel the individual ridges and valleys hammered into the sturdy steel.

Two smooth circular rims of high-tech black carbon fiber border the hammered steel. Black carbon fiber is the same high-tech polymer used extensively in race car body shell construction due to its lightweight and ultra-strong properties.

Carbon fiber has one-of-a-kind overlapping patterns that shimmer in the light. No two carbon fibers sections will ever look exactly the same, meaning this Hammered Steel men's ring has a unique style, just like you.

The ring's bright natural steel interior is perfectly smooth. It will feel cool and solid on your finger. The Hammered Steel men's ring has a bold, confident look that goes great with casual or formal attire.

Size: Band is 5/16 inch wide.

Material: 316L High Grade Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black Carbon Fiber.

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