NATIVE SKULL CUFF Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet by King Baby

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A haunting human skull is front and center on King Baby's Native Skull Men's Cuff Bracelet. Notice how its black dead eyes taunt you, almost daring you to wear it. That's a dare you should accept, my friend, because this sterling silver cuff bracelet with its rounded triangle segments and Native American inspired markings will look amazing and slightly scary on you.

Wear it by itself, or for an extra touch of skullduggery, combine it with our other King Baby skull-related items. You'll definitely put a scare into the crowd, no bones about it. Get it? Bones? See what we did there? That joke really slays 'em! King Baby's Native Skull Men's Cuff Bracelet.

A part of the King Baby The Birth of Americana Collection.

Size: 8 3/4 inches long. 1/4 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver treated for extra protection.