Hollis Bahringer FRENCH QUARTER Fleur De Lis Cufflinks in 316L Steel

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Heraldic style meets modern craftsmanship on the 316L steel French Quarter medieval shield cufflinks from high-end American designer Hollis Bahringer. Each cufflink boasts a bold 3D fleur de lis symbol, a regal French emblem of honor and courage dating back 1000 years.

Hollis Bahringer named these cufflinks after the vibrant French Quarter district of New Orleans, honoring the Crescent City's undefeatable spirit. Walk its tree-lined neighborhoods and you'll see thousands of fleur de lis symbols in the city's architecture, a tribute to its proud French heritage.

A bright steel fleur de lis rises up from the base of each cufflink much like New Orleans defiantly rose from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The shape of the fleur de lis is based on the three unfolding petals of a French lily, but don't let that flowery imagery influence you. Crusading medieval knights emblazoned this noble symbol of bravery and Christian virtue on their battle flags as they spread the word of God across the land, which is why religious historians believe the three petals represent the Holy Trinity.

Today, the fleur de lis is used internationally as a symbol of unyielding strength by fierce military units and sports champions like the New Orleans Saints.

Hollis Bahringer designed the cufflinks to resemble the defensive shields of medieval knights, providing you with symbolic protection. The face of each cufflink is textured with miniature shields that catch the light with a cool, holographic shimmer. This is a testament to Hollis Bahringer's superior craftsmen.

Bring the spiritual bravery and gallantry of the fleur de lis into your life with the French Quarter cufflinks from Hollis Bahringer. Match them up with the French Quarter collection men's ring, bracelet, money clip and shield necklace.

Size: 5/8 inch long and 3/4 inch wide.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel. Gunmetal PVD Steel.

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