LIONS HEAD Sterling Silver Knocker Mens Ring by King Baby

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Lions have been a powerful iconic symbol with royalty and nobility since the beginning of civilization. Standing for pride, courage and, above all - dominance. The king of the jungle roars to life in this sterling silver men's lion head ring by King Baby Studio.

The ring's fascinating design is modeled after an old fashioned gothic doorknocker that was popular in Olde England: a lion's head holding the knocker ring in its clenched teeth. Note the incredible craftsmanship and the fierce expression on the lion's face. This is one awe-inspiring cat. Many will come knocking at your door, but only most foolish would dare to disturb the ferocious beast within.

Tribal Hollywood carries the most popular ring sizes, but other sizes are available by special order.

Size: The top of the ring measures 1 1/4 inches tall, 7/8 inch wide, and 5/8 inch thick; the band on the back side is 1/2 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver.

Product Care: Clean regularly with the provided King Baby Sterling polishing cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaner, abrasive chemicals, and sonic jewelry cleaners.