SILVER BABY FEATHER Braided Leather Cord Mens Necklace by King Baby

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The feather pendant hanging from this King Baby men's necklace symbolizes many things to many people. To Native Americans, feathers represent the power of thunder. To Christians, feathers represent charity. Unfortunately to some people, feathers represent the things in their pillows that make them sneeze, but let's just forget about them for now.

The thing is, this small feather has huge meanings, and you'll inherit all of them when you wear this intricately carved talisman around your neck. It may look delicate enough to float on air as it dangles from its durable braided leather cord. Yet this surprisingly hefty sterling silver pendant is anything but light as a feather. It's solid and strong, bringing the cultural weight of a thousand native tribes into your soul. Plus, it won't make you sneeze. Bonus!

By the way, sleep experts say dreaming of feathers means you have the ability to move freely. Thank you, King Baby, for helping us wear our symbolic freedom!

A part of the King Baby The Birth of Americana Collection.

Both the pendant and the leather cord are included in the price.

Pendant Size: 2 inches long including the loop. 1/2 inch wide.

Cord Size: 26 inches long. 1/8 inch wide.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Genuine Black Leather.