MEDUSSA EYE Future Sight Mens Tribal Pendant by Bico


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Did you ever have a hunch about a future outcome, so you made a bet that paid off big time?

Some call that pure luck, while others say it's precognition, or a sixth sense that allows you to predict what hasn't happened yet. We say who cares what it's called, because it's awesome when it happens!

The circular eye on the Medussa Eye men's tribal necklace pendant from Bico Australia represents the lucky ability you have to take a chance and reap the rewards. Like making a good decision now that guides your future.

Check out the snake-like feelers that extend from the pendant's eye. They look like they're slithering into the universe to gather spiritual information that could help you make a life-changing decision.

The eye and the snakes are a nod to Medusa (yes, she's spelled with one S) from Greek mythology, whose gaze turned people to stone and who had snakes instead of hair. Man, we'd hate to be that chick's stylist.

The angular pendant itself looks like a star. Maybe that represents a higher power that's guiding you. And the eye's cross-shaped silver pupil doesn't hurt in the spiritual guidance department, either.

Wear the Medussa Eye necklace pendant around your neck with a Bico necklace leather cord or chain, because you never know when you might need some otherworldly help when it comes to playing a hunch.

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Size: Approximate size including the loop is 1 3/4 by 3/4 inches.

Materials: The hand polished chain pendant is made of real silver over high grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish. Colored Resin.

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