Bico CRYSTAL PEACE SIGN Swarovski Crystals Mens Peace Symbol Pendant

Love Not War

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The Bico Crystal Peace Sign peace symbol necklace pendant for men is a 3D peace symbol with open spaces cut away between its geometric arms. Genuine Swarovski crystals are inlaid into the peace symbol's circular frame and straight arms, adding eye-catching bling.

Wear this peace pendant to make a personal statement about your belief in how harmonious cooperation can overcome challenges. Pair it up with a rugged Bico leather cord or strong silver chain.

Tribal Hollywood is honored to be an official online retailer for Bico Australia.

Size: Approximate size including the loop is 1 1/2 by 1 1/8 inches.

Material: The chain pendant is hand polished and made of real silver over high-grade pewter with an invisible hypoallergenic coating to protect the finish. Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

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