SMILING BUDDHA Onyx Stainless Steel Mens Buddha Pendant Necklace

Serenity and Wisdom

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Bring peace to your life and style with our Smiling Buddha men's Buddha pendant necklace, featuring a 3D Buddha head carved from solid black onyx.

We love the fine features of the protruding Buddha's face, including his serene smile and elongated earlobes. Small circles are etched into his forehead representing the curly short hair that remained after the sage formerly known as Prince Siddartha cut off his topknot. This act of defiance denounced his wealthy heritage and started him on the path to enlightenment.

One isolated circle is carved above and between the Buddha's half-closed, meditative eyes. This is the urna, a symbolic third eye that allows us to see beyond the suffering in our own world. All of these carvings are found on Buddha sculptures dating back thousands of years.

The 3D Buddha head rests on an ornate 316L stainless steel base shaped like an ancient Buddhist temple wall frame relic. The base is studded with blazing cubic zirconia stones. The black Buddha head really stands out against the bright CZ background.

The frame's curves and pointed angles are outlined in jet-black cubic zirconia stones for a dramatic contrast of color. The necklace's chain bale also features black cubic zirconia.

Buddha heads are not only a physical representation of this great teacher; they're also a symbol of his knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Celebrate his peaceful teachings with the Smiling Buddha men's pendant necklace.

Comes with a two-tone black IP and natural steel interlocking oval link chain.

Size: 1 3/8 inches wide and 2 inches long, including the loop.

Chain Size: 24 inches long, 3/16 inch thick.

Material: 316L Stainless Steel treated with Chromium for extra protection. Black PVD Steel. Genuine Black Onyx. Genuine Black and Clear CZ Stones.

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